Mr John Hardy, MB BS, BSc, MD, FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Eng), FRCS (Orth) Consultant Specialist in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

Mr Hardy has 38 years of experience as a doctor and surgeon. John is in particular an Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon interested in the management of knee in

jury to prevent arthritis, with a speciality training in the cure of coccydynia of the coccyx .

Mr Hardy has now had four vaccinations against COVID19 and recommends all his patients on his waiting list for a knee replacement do the same.

John is young enough to appreciate and take on the new developments that benefit his patients and old enough to have enjoyed the experience of a classical training before "Calman" and EWTD reforms. He trained in the NHS in London, Leicester and became an NHS Consultant in Bristol at the world renowned AOC.

Mr Hardy consults with a great team of staff at the Chelsea Outpatient Centre in the Kings Road, London, the Lister Hospital, London and at the Sport and Orthopaedic Clinic in Bristol. Mr Hardy accepts self pay patients but is no longer offering his expertise, except in teaching, to the NHS.

In 2022 many of his patients say how they appreciate the time Mr Hardy gives them. He gives patients up to an hour for a careful assessment.

When making an appointment telephone Lydia Randall: 0117 317 1793, International:+44 117 317 1793 or Email:

Please bring with you the following:

  • Correspondence
  • Medications
  • Investigations

It is always useful to bring with you a copy of your GP referral letter and any other correspondence concerning your medical history. Ask his PA about transferring your previous investigations like x-rays and scans to his PACS so the you and Mr Hardy can review them together after your assessment.

Mr Hardy believes that patients often need more time than they think for an orthopaedic assessment. In 2010 he increased all of his Chelsea private outpatient appointment slots. The pandemic has stretched this to 60 minutes with 15 minutes cleaning time in between patients. If you think you need additional time please would you ask for the last appointment of the day especially If you are coming for a second opinion.

Patient testimonials are the best gift Mr Hardy's team can receive. They don't take time but do help with annual appraisal.

Please bring with you a list of all past and current medication.

It helps Mr Hardy understand the whole of your past medical history if you bring to your appointment past investigations like X-rays, MRI, Blood Test results and the reports that go with them. The hospital should put tham on a CD for you. Mr Hardy always provides private patients with a video of their surgery. Please also bring the viseo your surgeon may have provided you after previous surgery.

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Educational Website

Mr Hardy is a dual national Canadian/British Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon recognised as a leading knee and coccyx expert providing quality primary assessments, with a growing practice in second opinion for patients on knee injury and coccydynia from all over the world who are not sure they need surgery.

Advice Sheets

In 2022 Mr Hardy undertook 120 new and 210 follow up patient consultations and performed 51 operative procedures. In 2021 Mr Hardy advised many of his patients to wait if they could until the pandemic was over for the complex surgery.

Mr Hardy provided more patient information Advice Sheets like these on Coccydynia of the coccyx, Gout, patella tendonopathy and Anterior Knee Pain this year for his patients which are now available in these web pages. This has earned him a world wide reputation in Anterior Knee Pain and the management of the common effects of gout like arthritis. Ask Mr Hardy for his heat map of foods high, medium and low in purines that cause gout.


The Management of Anterior Knee Pain is becoming much easier to treat with the advances in understanding, physiotherapy and the better equipment available.

Read about the experience of just one of Mr Hardy's patients who works for the French Insurance Company AXA. He now has a pain-free kneecap.

Mr Hardy prefers to prevent osteoarthritis of the knee rather than have to replace a knee joint. He has used the Oxford Knee Score before and after knee replacement for the past 12 years. It was recently used in a recent study into the benefits of total knee replacement PROMS. Also look at this recent testimonial from an FA referee.

Mr Hardy annually reviews and publishes both his professional fees and his Standards of Care, He undertakes the annual appraisal required by the GMC.